New policy debugging feature in the Azure Api Managment VS Code extension

Before the summer of 2019, the only manageable way to publish and manage your APIs in Azure API Management, was through the Azure administration portal and API Management Publisher Portal. 

But then a new Azure API Management extension for Visual Studio Code became available that brought us a new surface for working with your APIs in your development tool.  

The main features of the extension include: 

However, I would like to highlight the new capability for real time debugging your API-policies within Visual Studio Code. 
This allows you to set breakpoints on policy statements, inspect properties and dig deeper into errors during execution of the policy.  

I really think that this and all the other extension features, really will speed up the development, deployment and testing of APIs. 

In developer forums, I can notice a lot of positive feedback on this feature and that the extension satisfies a need in the community.  


To download the extension and get further reading: 
Visual Studio Marketplace: 

Please note that this extension is still in Preview but its stable enough to use in your daily work 

Author: Magnus Johansson


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